Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Patient-Oriented training opportunities and resources



Partners in Research (PiR) Course
This course consists of 4 live web-based sessions and is designed for patients, families/caregivers and healthcare researchers. The PiR course will focus on how patients, families, and healthcare researchers can work together to improve health research and healthcare.Workshop highlights include:

  • A personalized online learning environment to help you set and meet your individual patient-oriented research learning goals.
  • Interactive activities and discussions to help you build capacity in applying patient-oriented research principles.
  • Connect with others who are interested in or already involved in patient-oriented research.
  • Access to a variety of useful resources on patient-oriented research.

For more information: Ontario Support Unit/St. Michael’s Hospital

POR Training Program
The POR Training Program aims to provide comprehensive training about patient-oriented research to provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their research. Extended training on each topic will be offered throughout the year for those who are interested in pursuing some of the topics more in depth.

For more information: Alberta Support Unit

Centre for Healthcare Innovation Training Opportunities
A variety of courses available including:

  • Systematic Review Course
  • Hands-on Training in Rapid Review Methodology
  • KT Seminars
  • Rounds
  • Leadership Program
  • PMI Workshops
  • Project Management Training Opportunities

For more information: Manitoba Support Unit

Foundations in Patient-Oriented Research 
This course is designed to give patients a foundational understanding of the research process to help prepare them for their role as patient/family advisor on a research team. It is also intended to help equip patients, researchers and other stakeholders (i.e., health care professionals and system decision-makers) with the skills necessary to engage meaningfully in a variety of roles, including: governance, peer review or other committee work, priority-setting, and the conduct of patient-oriented research and to foster the attitudes essential to the formation and development of genuine partnerships.

For more information: Saskatchewan Support Unit

Next Generation Researcher Training
Education curriculum with the objective of preparing Next Generation Researchers with the knowledge of collaborative research in working with people with lived experience of depression and caregivers.

For more information: Canadian Depression Research & Intervention Network

Training for People with Lived Experience (Patients) on Research Processes
The objective of this education is to prepare lived experience participants with the knowledge to actively participate in a research team and communicate effectively with depression researchers and other mental health professionals

For more information: Canadian Depression Research & Intervention Network




Citizen Engagement Handbook
Use this handbook to gain insight on the best practices, approaches and methods that can be applied for effective engagement activities.The handbook covers:

  • The citizen engagement decision tree model
  • The development of citizen engagement plans
  • Tips on enhancing citizen representation on boards and committees
  •  Advice on knowledge dissemination and public outreach

For more information: CIHR

Jargon Buster
This glossary of frequently used scientific terms provides a plain language definition to help patients participate in health research discussions.

For more information: CIHR

Capacity Building Compendium
Directory of resources, training programs, and courses associated with OSSU.

For more information: OSSU

A List of Ontario Health Care Acronyms: For Patient and Caregiver Advisors
A compilation of common acronyms and their meanings used across the Ontario health care system.  This list is a reference tool for patients, families and caregivers as they engage with healthcare providers.

For more information: Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

Patient and Family Engagement Toolkit
This toolkit includes tips for both patients and other stakeholders planning engagement activities.

For more information: Alberta Support Unit

It Starts With Me
A glossary that provides lay language definitions for clinical trials research.

For more information: BC Support Unit

Online Resource Links
Listing of tools, presentations, e-modules, interviews.

For more information: BC Support Unit

MSSU Seminar Series Workshop
Archive of recordings and/or handout materials from our past seminars sessions.

For more information: Maritime Support Unit