Sara Blake is a General Counsel for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General and is the author of a legal textbook, Administrative Law in Canada – the 6th edition to be published in 2017.

Sara has food intolerances and has lost the ability to digest 95% of the foods that others typically eat. The cause of her symptoms (primarily diarrhea) remains unknown but she’s made significant dietary changes and now, by living on a severely restricted diet with some herbal supplements, has stabilized her gastrointestinal health. She has written a book explaining everything she has figured out: The purpose of writing the book was to help other sufferers figure out their own elimination diets and to encourage them share what they have figured out. Sara also hopes to encourage more scientific research into these problems. Except for this gastrointestinal problem, she is a fit and healthy 60 year old. Sarah will be joining the Diet & Environment Scientific Working Group as a patient representative.