Perry Steckly loves human behaviour – the good, the bad and especially the ugly.  An extensive policing career fostered his keen interest in people and fueled his consultant company connecting his passion and experience into a variety of services and training programs that have captured the interest of the justice, military and intelligence sectors.  He enjoys exploring what we say and do, and the factors that influence our decisions.

He has been studying and teaching the connections between biology, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience to human behaviour for many years.  And more recently, as the result of his personal health journey, has narrowed his focus toward the gut-brain connection.  He now looks at human behaviour from the inside-out.

Perry’s life-long dependency on daily allergy and asthma medication prompted his research into rehabilitating his microbiome.  He is now medication-free. He champions self-care and promotes being an active participant in creative healthcare solutions.  His inspirational Guts and Glory presentation highlights the influence that sleep, stress, exercise, diet and medication can have on the microbiome, and the subsequent impact on physical and mental health. Perry is an advocate for Public Safety Officers and is committed to exploring innovative solutions that lessen the frequency and effect of Operational Stress Injuries.

Perry is energetic and fun. He is married and the lucky father of three amazing daughters.