Kim Daley is a Patient Researcher and Patient Partner in the IBD research community. She has 26 years of lived experience with chronic illness spanning many life stages. After ileostomy surgery, Kim became passionate about increasing ostomy awareness through patient advocacy as a volunteer and board member of the Winnipeg Ostomy Association. As a Patient Researcher, Kim is trained in peer-to-peer qualitative research through the Patient and Community Engagement Research program at the University of Calgary. While an intern in the program, she co-led the study ‘A patient-led, peer to peer qualitative study on the psychosocial relationship between young adults with IBD and food’. The peer-reviewed paper from this research is published in the Health Expectations journal. As a Patient Partner, Kim is engaged in patient-oriented research through the University of Manitoba Chronic Disease Advisory Committee. In 2020 she was the recipient of the MacNaught-Taillon (M&T) Emerging Patient Leader Bursary Award for her contributions to bringing the patient voice to health care and research.