Gail is a member of the Patient and Public Advisory Group (P2AG) at Clinical Trials Ontario, the Lived Experience Reference Panel of the Mental Health and Addiction Leadership Advisory Council, and CAMH Constituency Council.  She promotes improved access to mental health services, treatments and research, having spoken at conferences for the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario and Ontario Hospital Association, in addition to numerous television and print interviews.

Gail’s passion for helping others, and her goal of translating and disseminating her own knowledge and that of evidenced-based science, concerning the intersection of gut and brain health, was founded in her work in healthcare and research administrative support, as well as her own lived experience as a patient. Being a research participant in clinical trials improved the quality of Gail’s healthcare experience in both the realms of psychiatry and gastroenterology, increased her knowledge of her illnesses, and empowered her to become an active member in her care. Gail is excited to be a part of organizations aiming to transform healthcare and enrich research initiatives through the inclusion of patient engagement and patient partnership.