Kailey Michiels is a first year science student at Western University in Ontario. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when she was 17 and in her senior year of highschool. Kailey struggled with stomach issues for most of her life; it affected her social life, school, sports, mental health and overall quality of life. Kailey felt that the timing of her diagnosis felt unfair, but as more time passed it gave her life a sense of direction. Many people told Kailey that there was nothing wrong with her for years, and she doesn’t want anyone to feel that kind of helplessness. Since her diagnosis, Kailey has taken a strong interest in IBS and IBD and has made it her goal to become an active participant in ongoing research, both as a patient and a researcher. Kailey is looking forward to getting involved with IMAGINE and learning as much as she can.