Dr. Jack Satsangi is a professor at The University of Edinburgh. His research combines clinical gastroenterology, in which his main focus is the management of inflammatory bowel disease, with an extensive programme of academic activities – including basic, clinical and translational research. His main clinical interests include the efficacy and safety of biological agents, and management of childhood-onset disease in adulthood. Major active research interests include IBD genetics, epigenetics and biomarker discovery, and a series of clinical trials -most notably in post-operative prophylaxis, stem cell transplantation, and severe colitis. He is a PI of the UKIBD Genetics Consortium, and founder member of the International IBD Genetics Consortium.

He co-chaired the Working Party involved in the Montreal Classification of IBD in 2005. He established the first BSG IBD Research Strategy committee in 2009/2010, and the IBD Clinical Studies Group as the founding chairman, responsible for drafting 2010 research agenda. He served as Secretary to the BSG IBD Section, heavily involved in re-writing the current Clinical Guidelines. He has mentored or trained several of the highly productive group of research-active IBD clinicians in Scotland. He is a Medical Advisor to CCUK in Scotland, and chairs the National NIHR GI Speciality Group. He has won career grant support of over 40 million pounds, with current support of over 19 million pounds in 2012/13, including grants from from Wellcome Trust, MRC, and the EC, and published over 200 papers/reviews in peer-reviewed journals (2013 G-index 84, H-index 38). He has been elected as FRSE as well as Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.