Our Team

Our Team

Our network is multidisciplinary with expertise in patient engagement, epidemiology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, neurobiology, health economics, and knowledge translation. The group also engages many disciplines including gastroenterology, psychiatry and psychology that encompasses both adult and pediatric disease with researchers that have international reputations in the study of IBD, IBS and psychiatric disorder.

Executive Leadership

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Microbiome & Metabolomics
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Diet & Environment
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Inflammation/Basic Science
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Knowledge Translation, Education & Policy
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Patient Engagement
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Sex & Gender
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In order for us to be accountable to our stakeholders, the IMAGINE Network has a robust governance structure. Each committee has defined responsibilities and clear leadership roles to promote strategic goals such as interaction with international global partners, policy change, as well as direct involvement of our patient support organisations.

The Network is governed by the Executive Oversight Committee. It provides overall operational, governance and monitoring of performance responsibility of the IMAGINE Network. The Executive Oversight Committee receives guidance from an External Advisory Panel. The External Advisory Panel is made up of a small group of internationally-recognized experts that assesses the scientific accomplishments of the Network and facilitates linkages with international research networks and consortia to generate a global impact.

Executive Oversight Committee
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External Advisory Panel
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IMAGINE’s PaCER interns

In November 2018, a nationwide call was sent out for digestive health patients interested in enrolling in the PaCER (Patient and Community Engagement Research) program. The year-long program is delivered through Continuing Education at the University of Calgary and delivered using a blended distance learning model.

Ten participants were selected to join 1 of 2 PaCER cohorts (Alberta or National) sponsored by IMAGINE. Team “We’ve Got Guts” (Alberta): “Our Alberta group represents a broad range of experience with IBD/IBS, with the common goal of better understanding these diseases as they impact ourselves and our families, and with the desire to help others who have been or will be confronted with IBD/IBS in the future.“The MOB” (National): “Are interested in how individuals diagnosed with IBD cope with their illness on a day-to-day basis. More specifically, topics that we are interested include mental health, sexual health, and diet.”

Check out the intern bios here: https://pacerinnovates.ca/blog/2019/student-inter-teams